Inside The Secret World Of Teens Online A CNN Special Report

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my hotel room in CO doing some work. I had just finished speaking on the Faith and the Modern Family Topic: What Should I Know When Virtual Is My Reality? A subject that most parents don’t want to hear but need to.

I had CNN playing on the TV and they came on with a special news report entitled, “Inside the Secret World of Teens.” The report centered around teens and their online lives and provided great information and insight about our teens and how they view social media.

I have put links to some of the topics and articles surrounding the report below.

Why some 13-year-olds check social media 100 times a day

The acronyms teens really use on social media

Parents: Here's how to stop the worst of social media

Teens on social media: Being cut off is 'awful'


In Faith and the Modern Family I spend three chapters addressing teens and their social media and how to parent when difficulty arises. Ways to protect your child online, how to set digital boundaries and why we must keep communication open are all topics I discuss. Here are a few links and downloads from the book.

10 Ways To Protect Your Child Online
You will also find a few downloads that will help you provide a safe environment for you child or teen.

6 Digital Boundaries To Set For Your Family

5 Digital Topics to Talk About with Your Teen
Including cyberbullying, how tot report cyberbullying, sexting and viewing inappropriate content.


Additional Information:

Take a look at Teen Safe to get a few ideas about their software and how to use it to keep your teen accountable and communication open.

Teen Safe also provides a Digital Parenting Guide to Tech Safety that’s worth a download and read.

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