Plan A Parent Gathering Event

The term we usually use for this type of event is “conference.” Sometimes we call it a workshop or seminar. And although there are elements of those things in this parent event I really see it as something more. Words like connect and community and encourage and empower are also part of what we want to accomplish together.

Download Information on "How to Plan a Parent Gathering" at your church.

Download Information on "How to Plan a Parent Gathering" at your church.

Years ago I would do a meeting with our staff and volunteers just before an event, and we called it “Gather.” It was a time to connect with each other, support and pray for each other, talk about strategy with each other and ask God for help in the areas we needed it most.

I see this parenting event more like a Gathering than a conference.

We want parents who attend this event to be encouraged, equipped, energized and empowered as a result of being together. We want parents to walk away from our time together feeling good about their next steps, not guilty for what they have or haven’t been doing.

I see this gathering of parents as a catalyst for you to grow your family ministry at your church and reach out into the community to make a difference in the lives of families who are searching for answers. Launch parenting small groups, get them into community so love and support can become a way of life for parents who so desperately need connection. Look at this Gathering as a starting point, a launching pad, a new beginning of something dynamic in the lives of the parents and families in your church and community.

Huge Blessings on You!