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4 Ways to Stop Your Hurried Pace of Life

4 Ways to Stop Your Hurried Pace of Life

“Go with the flow!” Have you ever heard those words? The problem is, these days, if we go with the flow we’ll probably drown.

Since the world seems to be stuck in “go,” and sometimes us with it, we need to look at how to stop. With that in mind, here are four “brake-tapping” ways to STOP when the world says go

Guest Post: Finding Joy When Life Is Crazy Busy By Nikki Stevens

Guest Post: Finding Joy When Life Is Crazy Busy By Nikki Stevens

As a working mom of 4, I’m becoming quite the expert on how to survive as a busy parent. But while survival is great, if that’s all I’m trying to is just survive, then I’m selling myself short. The real challenge is to get through each day with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. That, my friends, was the struggle I found myself in not long ago. I felt like my life was so busy that there was little left of my time or energy to spend on anyone else. It wasn’t easy at first, but I learned to be joyful in spite of a crazy busy schedule. I even managed to find a little time for myself!

4 Essential Habits For Finding Joy When Life Is Crazy Busy

1. Resist The Urge To Compare

I often catch myself making the mistake of

What Can Einstein Teach Us About Balanced Living?

What Can Einstein Teach Us About Balanced Living?

Urban legend suggests that Albert Einstein’s wardrobe consisted only of black pants, white shirts and black shoes. The reasoning behind the simple wardrobe was that it reduced his choices.

If Einstein only had white shirts, black pants and black shoes he had no choice about what he would wear that day. He had to wear a white shirt, black pants and black shoes.

In other words, he would not, could not stand in his closet looking at and contemplating his options. He simply reduced his ability to choose and by reducing his ability to choose he led a more simple life. I wonder if his philosophy has some

This Is The Biggest Obstacle Facing Today's Modern Family & What To Do About It

Below is a chart put together by Stephen Von Worley showing the original 8 colors produced by Crayola in 1903 through the many choices they offered in 2010. According to his math, Crayola will have over 330 choices by 2050. Here is the question, “Do we need 330 colors or will 8 do?” The answer may be different for everyone and that’s my point.


The biggest obstacle facing today’s modern family is too many choices.

A question I like to ask parents when speaking at family or parenting events is this, “Is it easier to raise kids today or was it easier to raise kids 20 years ago?” The overwhelming answer is,

How to Find Family PEACE In A Season of Hurry

Here are five ideas that will help all of us find Family PEACE this season.

P - Plan Ahead

Easy to say and hard to do, I understand. I don’t plan ahead well however, my wife does and there are times I ask her for help. I like what Proverbs 21:5 says from The Message, “Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind.” Use your calendar and communicate to everyone. Planning ahead will bring peace today and worry away.


E - Expect Less

Someone recently asked me at a parenting conference, “What;s the secret to a happy family?” The response I blurted out, “Low Expectations.” Lol. As I

Daisy Chaining Life & Why It’s Hurting Us

I changed my profile picture on Facebook a while ago and have received several questions on “what the heck” I was doing! Answer, I was speaking at a conference on Life Balance and that object I am holding is a “surge protector.” Let me explain…

The picture above is a surge protector in the form of a person. Unfortunately this is an all to real picture of my life. Although I am better with the help of counseling and healthy friends It serves as a reminder of how I am wired (Excuse the pun). Let me explain…

I have two surge protectors plugged into the two wall outlets in my office. I honestly don’t use the surge protectors to “protect” my electronics from an unknown electrical “surge.” The reality is, I use them to give me more outlets!

More Is Better, Right?

If I plug in two surge protectors I have effectively created more

The New Workaholics - Our Children!

I will be one of the first to say that busyness isn’t what hurts us––it’s the stress! Dr. Archibald Hart describes stress this way: “The stress that does us in is the stress of challenge, high energy output and over commitment. If we do not build enough time into our lives to allow recovery of the system, we pay for it in stress disease.”

It used to be that just one member of the family was always working or overdoing. Of course, that had negative effects on the family, but I am not talking about that one person here. I used to be that one person. What I’m talking about is a new kind of busyness––the kind that doesn’t just affect one family member but includes everyone in the family.

As parents and leaders we get up and go to work. Our kids get up and go to school. Then our lives are filled with