5 Questions To Ask Before you Change Something

5 Questions To Ask Before you Change Something

Depending on your personality you have probably asked one of the following questions when it comes to change. See if you can can identify with any of them.

1. “I love change, when can we start?”
2. “I like change, can we wait to start?”
3. “I loath change, do we have to start?”

All great questions! All express our attitude or feelings about change and believe it or not, that's good! Now that you have identified your change awareness I want to suggest 5 other questions you should ask BEFORE you change something.

1. Am I Willing To Commit To The Long Haul?
In my experience change doesn’t happen overnight. If it does we usually call that a miracle. Change is forged over time by leaders who hang in there and stick with it to the end. Winston Churchill describes the willing determination of the bulldog. “The nose of the bulldog has been slanted backwards so that he can breathe without letting go.” You will need the commitment of a bulldog to see change to the end.

2. Am I Called To Do This?
There is a certain resiliency that comes with knowing you are called to do something. A calling helps you crash through quitting points when they arise. A calling reminds you that the changes you are about to implement are

6 Words That Will Change Your Life

6 Words That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever come across something so compelling it sticks in your brain and stirs in your heart and you can’t seem to escape it? Such was the case for me a few years ago when I came across 6 words that changed my life.

The six words are very simple, in fact, only one of them has more than four letters. No one explained the words, gave a talk on the words or expanded on the words. They sat quietly on two easels in

You Need These 7 Things If You Want To Make A Change This Year

You Need These 7 Things If You Want To Make A Change This Year

Some personalities thrive on change, taking risks, high diving, sky diving and bungee jumping. Other personalities wrestle with change questioning not only the why but the what, when, where and how.

Regardless of your personality or preference that doesn’t stop change from happening. I guess when it comes right down to it, we must be “all things to all men” and without a doubt that requires some change.

Sometimes change happens to us and sometimes it happens through us and sometimes they both happen at the same time! So, if you are currently in the process of leading change, here are seven items you will need to initiate change.

The 7 Items

1. Vision
“Without prophetic vision people run wild, but blessed are those who follow (God's) teachings.” Proverbs 29:18 GWT. You may be more familiar with the King James Version of this verse which says, “without a vision the people perish.” Someone once said that without a vision the people will find a new parish.” Vision requires responsibility to act. Remember, “We cannot become what we need to be

How To Face Your Biggest Fear And Win

"Don't be afraid!" Easier said than done, isn't it? When nothing is threatening me I can usually roll those words off my tongue in the general direction of others with such eloquence there appears to be a sense of sarcasm in my words. However, when fear has it’s grip around my throat I can’t quite choke out the words “don’t be afraid” because I AM afraid!

A friend of mine, Martin, reminds me often that “nothing is a threat to me today.” That’s a great reminder and good advice. The idea behind the words is this, there is nothing that comes into my life today that God has not already allowed. God has “prescreened” my life today and if that is true then nothing is a threat to me today because God is in control.

Now, with that in mind, how do we take steps to lean into the fear and let it have it’s perfect result in our lives? I would like to suggest a four step process found in

The Biggest Risk A Leader Can Take And Why It’s Worth It

The biggest risk a leader can take is telling the story of who they are with their whole heart. Also known as vulnerability. When you reveal the junk in your life to others, there is a substantial risk involved.

  • Others may disconnect from you. That’s rejection.
  • Others may tell others about your situation. That’s painful.
  • Others may lecture you. That’s humiliating.

So why take the risk? Answer, So you can experience freedom!

I used several strategies when I didn’t want to open up and talk about the hidden hurts or hang-ups in my life and I got pretty good at it. The most basic and most used tactic was

3 Things You Must Understand Before Leading Change

hange is like throwing a rock into a pool of water, it's going to make a significant splash and the ripple will be felt for quite a while. With that in mind let me ask if you have ever thought or said one of the following statements?

I just read a book and I have some great ideas!
I just attended conference and learned some new things!
I just listened to a podcast and I want to try something new!

I have both thought and said those things as well, but what comes next? I think "what’s next" is another great question to ask and it also lends itself to many other questions when it comes to change. Have you ever thought or asked one of the following questions once you knew you wanted to make a few changes?

How do I turn one of those statements into action?
How do I implement some of the things I learned about, read about or heard about?
How do I stop doing some things I have been doing for years? (toughest question for church leaders)
How will my team respond to the changes I want to make?
How will people perceive me if I implement something they don’t like?

Again, I have both thought and said those same questions, but again, what’s next? The answer is simple, “UNDERSTAND!” Before blindly jumping in to change we all need

How To Change Something You Don't Like

change question.jpg

Are you frustrated with the direction of a current plan or program? Do you have a healthy sense of discontent about the outcome of a current path or direction? If so, it may be time for change. If you are thinking about leading change in the near future you may want to consider the following actions to help you achieve your goal.

1. Cast Your VISION
Most people who set out to lead change understand this step. I just want us to think differently about it. If your goal is to have 100 people attend your next event why not change your thinking? To do this simply add a zero to the end of your number. Planning an even for 100 is much different than 1000 and it will cause you to at least rethink your vision and possibly expand it. Be bold!

2. Unite Your TEAM
You can’t lead change with one charismatic personality. Sure, a charismatic personality can spark a change but without any fuel nothing will be accomplished. A united team with like minded personalities is what it takes to really accomplish change. I can't begin to tell you what one short-sighted team member can do to the change process. The following story, an urban legend, tells us the perils of people going in the opposite directions.

On March 2, 1944, Train 8017 departed from Salerno, Italy.  A few hours after Train 8017 left Salerno, it brought death to more people than perhaps any other train wreck in history. Yet, it wasn't derailed, burned or damaged in any way.

Shortly after 1:00 AM, the heavy train with 600 passengers lumbered into the Italian tunnel called Calleria delle Armi.  Precisely what went wrong inside the tunnel no one knows for sure.  The one certain fact is that when the two locomotives pulling the train reached mid-tunnel, the drive wheels began to slip.  The wheels lost traction and the train stopped.

All else is speculation, for both engineers died at the controls. Carbon monoxide snuffed out the lives of nearly 500 passengers.

Ironically, when authorities began clearing the bodies, they found the leading locomotive unbraked with its controls set in reverse.  The second locomotive was unbraked with its throttle set full ahead.

Apparently, when the train stopped the two engineers had fatally different ideas of what to do.  They were pulling and pushing against each other.  Some have speculated that no lives would have been lost if the engineers had both been clear in the direction they were going.

3. Decide Your STRATEGY
You have cast a vision and you have a united team, now what? It’s time to get moving! Most visionaries stop at step two when real change takes place here, at step three. Strategy is the plan, the blue prints to the building. Strategy involves systems, structure and process. Do you have a plan beyond your vision? Here are five questions you can ask yourself to get thinking strategically.

What is my end result? (Outcome)
Who is helping me? (Team)
When will I start? (Time)
Where is the biggest challenge? (Risk)
Why am I doing this? (Reason)

How! The biggest question of all. I will address this in the next post as we talk about the 10 steps you need to take in order to lead change.

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