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Building A Volunteer Team That Lasts!

What Would It Feel Like To Never Worry About Getting Volunteers?

This Master Class Will Take That Feeling And Turn It Into A Reality!

The days of calling subs, filling last minute holes when volunteers don't show up and the anxiety and worry that comes from wondering if you will have enough volunteers is over.

This class will help you identify all the leaders you need, place them in the right area of service for them and for you. The class will give you practical tools and relevant teaching from an experienced leader who has a track record for building and empowering teams. If you want to Build A Volunteer Team That Lasts then this class is for you!

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5 Reasons Why People Won't Volunteer For You

A Free Class With 5 Lessons

`People volunteer for many things and for many reasons. Sometimes we volunteer because our child plays a certain sport or is involved in a certain club. Sometimes we volunteer because we believe in a certain cause or company. While the “why people volunteer” is an important topic in this class I want to look at the five reasons “why people stop volunteering.”

Yes, many times people get involved in a cause because they want to. While that’s true volunteers usually stay with the cause because of the leader they serve with. It’s the leaders passion, direction and mission that makes the difference.

When all is said and done there are some people who will walk away from volunteer leadership simply because of how you lead or, how you don’t. In this course you will learn the five reasons why people won’t volunteer for you and what to do about it.

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