Daisy Chaining Life & Why It’s Hurting Us

I changed my profile picture on Facebook a while ago and received several questions on “what the heck” I was doing! Answer, I was speaking at a conference on moving from Hectic to Healthy: The Journey To A Balanced Life and that object I am holding is a “surge protector.” Let me explain…

The surge protector in the above picture is in the form of a person. Unfortunately this is an all to real picture of my life. Although I am better with the help of counseling and healthy friends It serves as a reminder of how I am wired (Excuse the pun). Let me explain…

I have two surge protectors plugged into two outlets in my office. I honestly don’t use the surge protectors to “protect” any type of "surge," I use them to give me more outlets!

More Is Better, Right?

If I plug in two surge protectors I have effectively created more opportunities to plug more stuff in. If some is good then more must be better, right?

It’s important for you to have that picture in your mind as I explain the next step of my insanity. There have been a few times in my life when I have added a surge protector to a surge protector.

Connecting devices in a series like this, each plugged into each other from one power source, is called daisy-chaining, or stupid, depending on who you talk to.

The reason behind my daisy-chaining mentality is to multiply the usefulness of whatever is in the chain, in my case the outlets. More is always better, right? While the surge protector under my desk seems to be handling the load today, but what about tomorrow? At come point something will pop, break or simply quit working.

Daisy Chaining Life

A good friend of mine, who is a general contractor, told me if I continue to plug surge protectors into surge protectors, I will eventually overload the circuit. Overload? Interesting idea. I not only do that with surge protectors I do it with my life.

I have found a few similarities between daisy-chaining surge protectors in my office and daisy-chaining activities in my life and my family’s life for that matter. I mistakenly think that we have unlimited power and that I can continue to plug in activities; but the reality is if I overload the system, something will pop, break or explode in my life.

When Does It Stop?

When will this insanity stop? The answer, never. It will never stop as long as we have an open outlet and lack of restraint. The only way it will ever eventually come to an end is when something pops, breaks or blows up in our life or, we learn to be content and stop our desire for more.


Because of my personality I find it easier to do more. I put it under the guise of “good leadership” when in reality it’s poor Soul Care and it doesn’t just effect me, it effects everyone around me.


How About You?

Do you daisy chain your life in order to do more? Is it difficult for you to unplug or reduce your options to live a more balanced life? Is it time for you to unplug from certain things? What one activity can you unplug from today in order to stop daisy chaining your life?