How A Virus Will Help You Cast Vision + Bonus Audio!

Bonus Audio Download: How Viruses & Riots Will Help You Get More Volunteers by Craig Jutila

How do I cast vision in a way that’s compelling?
How do I mobilize those around me in a concerted effort for the greatest good?
Bottom line…How can I be a better leader?

Simple answer…Get Sick!

Understanding how a virus works and more importantly, how it spreads, are key principles in casting vision. Here are a couple of observations that will connect viruses and vision.

First Observation: A Virus Needs a Host To Survive

We (as leaders) need to get sick first so we can infect others. Sick with what? Excitement, energy and passion for what you are leading and the vision you are casting. How can others get sick...if we aren’t?

Question: Are you sick with vision?

Second Observation: A Virus Needs To Reproduce or Die

Once a virus finds a host cell it’s first step is to release instructions. Instructions on how to replicate itself. Without these genetic instructions the virus would

4 Components of a Healthy Volunteer Culture

How can you know if your volunteer leadership culture is healthy, suffering from a cold or flu or needs CPR or immediate resuscitation? Here is a quick reminder about what components can play a key role in defining a healthy volunteer culture.

1. Consistent Performance
Growing a healthy volunteer culture takes time. Culture as I define it is when people say, “This is the way we do things around here.” Culture is not what is written on the walls but how you live between them on a daily basis. Culture is what gets done and repeated over time. Here are three healthy and consistent behaviors you should see over time.

  • Positive Attitude
  • Team Spirit
  • Enthusiastic Service

2. Common Language
Each successful volunteer culture usually has a unique language. Maybe a custom or word that is unique to their leaders or culture. It’s something I would describe as “tribal.” It’s a form of cultural glue that seems to hold them together. They share a common vision and

5 Ways To Get More Volunteers

Would you like a few more volunteers?

According to research from 15 focus groups across the country there is good evidence that you can get more volunteers IF you begin to practice one or all five of the following things.

1. Match The Skill of the Volunteer To Their Potential Role
Don’t just put a warm body in a volunteer position and hope it works out, it won’t, it never does. Match the skill, passion and interest of the potential volunteer to the role and responsibility you are asking them to consider.  

2. Equip The Volunteer For Their Potential Role
When I volunteer for the first time at something new I