Empowering Kids Curriculum

What is our philosophy and strategy? Our philosophy is to provide a consistent, creative and age-appropriate curriculum that includes fun and focused learning. Our curriculum has and is developed to offer a next step to their spiritual growth and involves families in the learning process with their children. Each curriculum offers the following 5 components.

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What's In The Box?




Each lesson has three video components. The first component is the main teaching video. The two additional videos for the lesson are support videos designed to help reinforce what was taught in the main teaching video. There is a video game called, "Get It - Got It - Good" where kids answer review questions about the lesson. The second video is called "Live It" and features kids and leaders talking about how the "Live" out the lesson just taught in their daily lives.

You can watch lesson 1 from our "Soul Food" series right here in this section.


Family EnterAction Guides

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The Family EnterAction Guides are designed to sit on your dinner table throughout the week (table tent style) and reinforces the weekly lesson through questions, verses and activities. Designed specifically to get families engaged in the learning process together.

Download the first week from the "Soul Food" series to see how the Family EnterAction Guide works with lesson 1.


Activity Books

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Activity books are take home books for each child to use in order to further their learning and growing during the week. Designed to be used individually but can be used together by parent and child to reinforce the lesson and family relationship.

Download the first week from the "Soul Food" series to see how the Activity Book works with lesson 1.


Student Handout & Leader Guide

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Each lesson contains a reproducible handout that you can give to each child during the lesson. Each student handout has been designed to be used in either a large group or small group environment. The 1st – 2nd grade version has been formatted to print on a 11” x 17” page and the 3rd – 6th grade version has been formatted to print on a legal size 8 ½” x 14” page.

Download the Student Handout for "Soul Food" lesson 1

Download the Leader Guide for "Soul Food" lesson 1



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The multimedia portion of the lesson is a series of slides that make up a game called Total Recall. A game where all students participate.

Each component is a method designed to help children and families know God better and grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. We want kids and families to “walk the talk” together.  We desire each lesson to be “sticky” and memorable for each child.

Download the Multimedia section for Soul Food Lesson 1