How A Virus Will Help You Cast Vision + Bonus Audio!

Bonus Audio Download: How Viruses & Riots Will Help You Get More Volunteers by Craig Jutila

How do I cast vision in a way that’s compelling?
How do I mobilize those around me in a concerted effort for the greatest good?
Bottom line…How can I be a better leader?

Simple answer…Get Sick!

Understanding how a virus works and more importantly, how it spreads, are key principles in casting vision. Here are a couple of observations that will connect viruses and vision.

First Observation: A Virus Needs a Host To Survive

We (as leaders) need to get sick first so we can infect others. Sick with what? Excitement, energy and passion for what you are leading and the vision you are casting. How can others get sick...if we aren’t?

Question: Are you sick with vision?

Second Observation: A Virus Needs To Reproduce or Die

Once a virus finds a host cell it’s first step is to release instructions. Instructions on how to replicate itself. Without these genetic instructions the virus would not be able to reproduce. What instructions? As a leader those instructions vary but the initial instructions are our Vision - Mission & Values.

If you can get close enough to infect others then those genetic instructions will be present as you infect those around you.

Question: Are you contagious with vision?

The 4 Stages of a Vision Epidemic



As leaders we must get sick first. We need to inject ourselves with vision, passion, energy and excitement.


Infect others by getting in close proximity to them. We need to be infectious with our vision.


The incubation period is how much time has elapsed between initial exposure and when symptoms a first observed. You may not be sick right away. You may need to spend a little time once you have received your vision injection until you are symptomatic. Question: How ill others know you are sick with vision?


We don’t want to get one person sick, we want and inundation, an epidemic! We want this vision, pardon the phrase, to go viral!

Final Thought The “R Nought”

The “r nought” is the reproductive rate of a virus. That’s “science speak” for the number of cases one case can generate over the course of the infection. In other words, for every person that is infected, how many other people are they likely to infect?  The larger the “r nought” the harder it is to control the spread of the virus.

Once we know the “r nought” we can understand the scale of the epidemic. The larger the “r nought” the harder it is to control the spread of the virus. And that’s exactly what we want as leaders, an uncontrollable vision virus.

What is your individual “R Nought?”
How many people can you possibly infect today?