7 Day Parenting Plan

Think of this as a 7 day devotional or 7 day focus for your entire family. Try the following plan this week with your family.


Read the following verse out loud to your family: “Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character” (1 Corinthians 15:33 NIV). Discuss this question. “How important are friends when it comes to rude or respectful behavior?”


Talk with your family about the importance of the following words.
“I am sorry, I was wrong.”
“Thank you.”
Why are these words so important? What values do you see in these words?


Write this question on a large piece of paper and put it on the refrigerator or wall. “How can we show respect and honor to one another?” Provide markers or crayons so everyone can write more than one answer on the paper during the week. Discuss the question at the end of the day.


Encourage everyone in your family to pay it forward today. Example: If someone opens a door for you, open a door for someone else. If you are at Starbucks, pay for the drink of the person standing behind you. Then during dinner, discuss what happened that day. “What did you do to pay it forward today?” “What reaction did you get?” “How far do you think it went?”


Ask each member of your family to notice every time someone is polite to him or her that day. Answer these questions over dinner: “Who treated you in a polite way today?” “What did that person do?” “What is another word for ‘polite’?”


Take a survey at the end of the day by asking everyone what the best part of their week was.


Attend church together then go to lunch after. Discuss what each person in your family learned and how they will apply what they learned this week.


1. How did your week go?
2. Was this exercise helpful?
3. In what way was this 7 Day Parenting Plan most helpful?

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