3 C's That Can Sink Your Leadership Boat

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, one of those days when you feel like you are sinking and you feel like there is nothing you can do about it? I think each of us have felt like that at one time or another as a parent, as a leader as someone who simply has a pulse. Sometimes life just hits us and other times we create an a perfect storm through our choices and we start to go under. So, with that in mind, I want to share with you 3 C’s that can sink your leadership boat.


Avoidance of certain situations or people is a form of staying in "Control." Staying away and not having that difficult conversation is a way for each of us to allow us to remain who we are. We can blame the other person or situation and sail through life without ever really making a change. Controlling ones own life does not always come built into the DNA of the person who is the loudest or most bullish in the room. The one who is has the personality to control by avoidance is similar to a submarine rather than ship. It may be time to surface and relinquish some control. After all, submarines have been known to sink from time to time.


A friend of mine asked me the other day, "How can a similar crisis in two different peoples lives have completely different results?" For example, let's say each person has a car accident in which there were no injuries. The damage was to their car and the other car that was involved, that’s it. One person walks away thankful and the other walks away mad.

  • One views the accident as an opportunity.
  • One views the accident as a problem.
  • One views the accident as a door opening.
  • One views the accident as an a door closing.

The question is, “Why?” I believe the answer is perspective. The "C" of crisis whether self inflicted or God allowed can only truly sink a leader who has no hope, no perspective and no awareness of the power of crisis. The “C” or crisis is never there to sink us but to mold us into the leader or parent God want’s us to be.


I have certainly felt like I was going under in the "C" of my circumstances on occasion. Swimming just below the surface are depression, discouragement and denial. I have personally looked them in the eye.

Ask Peter when he got out of the boat, defying the laws of gravity, as he kept his eyes and ears on the one who called him out. It wasn't until he moved his focus from his Savior to his situation that his circumstances got the best of him. How many of us have been there, done that? Don't let the circumstances that surround you sink you.

Sure, you may start to go under, and when that happens, remind yourself that your Savior is right in front of you and, for a little while, you defied physics and the law of gravity! Not because you believed the water would hold you but because with reckless abandoned your faith in the Savior allowed you to do so...and you will do so again!

The turbulent "C's" of Control, Crisis and Circumstances come with hurricane force winds but we can sail through them without sinking because the simple fact is they aren't there to sink us but to test us and make us better, not bitter, on our journey.

Which “C” do you struggle with most? Why?

Photo Credit: Ship In Stormy Sea (id: 15595) in HD. Used with permission (http://wallpho.com/21134-ship-in-stormy-sea-id-15595.htm)