3 Leadership Ruts And How To Get Out

There are ruts on the road of our leadership lives. They are worn into place over time by driving in the comfortable grooves of complacency. What may have started out as a priority for each of us can erode into a road of indifference.

If we aren’t careful our ruts get deeper and and deeper until driving in them feels normal. Below are three ruts that leaders can experience and how to get out.


@@We get so busy doing we forget being.@@


The Entitlement Rut

This is a mindset rut that is akin to the Emperor’s attitude toward his new clothes. We are no longer aware of what we are wearing and no one wants to tell us we’re exposed.

The rut of entitlement can permeate all areas of our leadership life. We can move out of this rut by being thankful and grateful for what we have and by doing random acts of kindness for others.


The Busyness Rut

The time we used to spend on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health is not what it used to be. We have to much to do and we can’t, don’t, or won’t get to the things that matter most.

We get so busy doing we forget being. We become indifferent about our soul care yet passionate about our endeavors. We can get out of the busyness rut by taking time each day to pause, reflect and connect relationally with other. Stop and smell the flowers and enjoy life!


The Isolation Rut

Somehow we develop a Lone Ranger attitude. It didn’t start that way but here we are in the rut of isolation. That doesn’t mean we don’t have friends, we have plenty of friends, just none we can connect with on a deeper level. As time goes on we get really good at hiding in plain site, holding our feelings close and secrets closer.

We were never meant to do life alone, we need each other. We don’t need to tell everything to everyone but we certainly need to tell something to someone. Having one or two close friends who will listen to your story, non-judgmentally and is not just for you but with you is an essential and perhaps only way to move out of this rut.

Remember, ruts are worn over time not over night. Doing the same thing, the same way expecting the same results will deepen the groove. The deeper the rut, the harder it is to get out.