3 Ways To Avoid A Christmas Malling This Weekend

This weekend is the last before Christmas. There will be stress on the street, panic in the parking lot and mayhem at the mall. We are about to run into relentless rush in just about every aspect of our life. All of this to celebrate The Prince of Peace.

This weekend, in particular, there will be more people on the street, more people in the parking lot and more people at the mall. Who doesn't love the mall a few weeks before Christmas? Especially those people who want to rub face cream on you, braid your hair, fly a remote helicopter, clean your shoes or thread something.

I know when I’m under stress I get short with people. I get  temperamental and have a general sense of entitlement that translates into a displeasing demeanor. When that happens I can “mall” someone because I feel inconvenienced or pressured.

According to dictionary.com the word “Mauling” has three meanings.

  1. To handle or use roughly
  2. A heavy two-handed hammer suitable for driving wedges.
  3. A loose scrum that forms around a player who is holding the ball and on his feet.

If there was an entry for “Malling” I would guess the definitions would be similar or at least look similar. We mishandle and treat others roughly pushing in to get what we want or think we need. We use our words like a hammer to drive wedges between us and others we perceive as getting in our way. And, how can we not see the scrum that forms around the latest and greatest items this weekend?

Malling is a Choice!
We can avoid a potential malling by changing our mindset before we leave the house. Here are three things we can do.

1. Let Someone In Front of You In Line

Is this to practical? Yes, literally let someone in front of you while you are in line. Then, choose to wait patiently. Talk to the other people around you. Here’ a promise for those of us who “do not want to engage.” "Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up." Proverbs 12:25 TEV. Ask each person how they are doing or what they want for Christmas or what they are giving to others.

2. Move Slowly as You Walk

For those of us that love effective and efficient shopping this one will be painful. It’s even hard for me to type. That’s why you (And I) may need to make a 3x5 card or write “Move Slowly” on the back of our hand with a sharpie. It’s a choice. A choice that will allow you and I to enjoy the moment in the midst of mayhem.

3. Smile As You Shop

Remember, “A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health.” Proverbs 15:30 NLT. Smiles are contagious, and, free! Smile at others as you make last minute purchases this weekend knowing that a smile is an inexpensive gift to give others.

These three reminders are great reminders for me. If they strike a chord with you then please, by all means, arm yourself with kindness, gentleness and awareness as you head out this weekend. We may just prevent a malling in the process.

Photo Credit: shutterstock.com Image ID: 165419309 © Canadapanda