How To Accomplish Your Goals Part 1

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What Are Goals?
Start at the beginning I always say. For a quick review on writing, setting and accomplishing goals, I thought we could start with a few different definitions to get us goaling.

  • Webster says, “a goal is something that you are trying to do or achieve.”
  • Wordsmyth says, “a goal is a result or end that one desires and works for.”
  • Wikipedia says, “a goal is a desired result a person or system envisions, plans and commits to achieve.”

I like what Wikipedia says, especially the four key words near the end of the sentence. Envision, Plan, Commit, and Achieve. These are four great steps to starting and accomplishing any goal we set but more on that in part two. Let’s move on to our next question.

Why Should We Have Goals?

We should have goals because they tell us what to do.
Goals help us narrow or define what we need to do in order to achieve success.

We should have goals because they tell us what not to do.
We usually think of goals as defining what we should do but they also define what we shouldn’t do as well. Seems simple enough but this perspective helps us to inadvertently create a “stop doing” list.

We should have goals because they encourage progress.
Goals are steps on our journey to the final destination. Think "baby steps."

We should have goals because they give us direction.
Goals are like directions you enter into Google Maps before you leave on a trip. They give you points of progress and keep you moving in the right direction.

We should have goals because they change our behavior.
What would goals be if they didn’t change our behavior? Nothing!

Where Should I Set My Goals?
No, you should not set your goals on the counter or kitchen table, just kidding. Depending on our lifestyle and personality, there are different areas or categories where we can set our goals and start moving forward. Here are eight categories to get us thinking about where to start. Remember, don’t confuse the category with the goal. More on this in part 2.

Category - Personal        
Goal - Each day do something kind for someone who can not repay me.

Category - Family        
Goal - Have a family fun night every Thursday night.

Category - Spiritual
Goal - Memorize one Bible verse each week.

Category - Career
Goal - Read one leadership book each month.

Category - Friends
Goal - Join a small group.    

Category - Hobbies
Goal - Play golf twice a month.

Category - Physical
Goal - Workout 3 times a week.

Category - Education
Goal - Attend one conference this year on a topic I am unfamiliar with.

I hope this post wasn’t to basic when it comes to understanding and setting goals but as I have coached and consulted this past year I realized most people don’t have goals for their personal or professional life and besides, I needed a quick reminder myself on the process!

Is there a goal category you have thought about but is not listed here? Please share it! Thanks

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