7 Reasons Why I Have Confidence In My Darkest Hour

1. God’s love has never been more real…through these last few days, he has continually dropped/ brought exactly the right person with the right talents at the right time. I am encouraged by the family of God and all of your prayers. As Lauren Daigle says in one of my favorite songs, Rescue, “I will send out an army to find you in the middle of the darkest night, it’s true. I will rescue you.” God has sent out an army for us, people who have been praying encouraging and helping us. All of you are part of this, and we thank you so much for all your love.

We know that he will continue to rescue us in our need.


2. Craig and I were a team, we balanced each other perfectly. I told him one day that together we were like a balloon on a string. He was the bright balloon with the big fun plans and dreams and I was the string that kept him grounded by asking him silly things like, “How will we pay for that?” He never worried about