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My goal is to share some information about me as a person and as a communicator so you can get a sense of who I am and what I am most passionate about. I also want to let you know what can be expected from me should you decide to invite me to speak at your event.




Some Information About Me

My passion is to inspire people for life by communicating in a relevant way that brings about healthy change.

I have been speaking publicly for 27 years and have served on staff at two churches. The Grove Community Church in Riverside CA for seven years and Saddleback Church In Lake Forest CA for 13 years. While serving on the staff at each of these churches my position was both Children’s Pastor and Teaching Pastor. My communication responsibilities included speaking at weekend services, midweek services and conferences held on our campus.

I have spoke at well over 500 different local, national and international events and conferences in Canada, Europe, Australia and South America. I continue to speak in churches and events ranging from 70 to 7000 people in attendance.

I have written several books with the most recent being Hectic to Healthy: The Journey to a Balanced Life and Faith and the Modern Family: How to Raise A Healthy Family in a Modern World. I have also appeared on several radio and television programs discussing the topics of authentic leadership, Life balance, family and parenting.

I am the president and founder of Empowered Living where our mission is to “Empower Leaders and Families for Life.” I was voted by Group Magazine as one of the Pioneers of the Decade for my work in Children’s Ministry as well as one of the top 20 influencers of the last 20 years in family ministry.

I have been married to my beautiful wife Mary for 25 years! We have three children, all teenagers, and we live in Southern California. I am a hockey fanatic and have been to 25 out of the 30 NHL Hockey arenas.


3 Things You Can Expect From Me

1. You can expect an immediate response to your emails or telephone calls. I know what it’s like to plan an event and I understand timelines and deadlines. I am the one who will respond to your email or speaking inquiry, not my assistant or another staff member. I value the connection to make your event the best it can possibly be.

2. You can expect a message that has been designed for your event and delivered in a way that will help you achieve your goals.

3. You can expect an a web page set up exclusively for your event and for those attending your event. It will include my notes, slides, links to books or articles and many other resources that could enhance and further your goals for you attendees.

If you are wanting to take the next step and explore the possibility of having me out to speak at your next event you can fill out the "Next Step" form here and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

My Photos

Occasionally people will ask, “Do you have a picture or pictures of yourself speaking on stage in front of a live audience?” The answer is yes. There are a few pictures in the gallery below. If I have the privilege of being invited to your event we will supply you with photos and a bio in order to promote your event.


My Videos

I know from personal experience the questions that often get asked in a meeting when deciding on a speaker or communicator. “Yeah, I know you know him but I have never heard of him. Who is he? Has he ever spoke to a live audience before? Is he a good communicator? Can he hold the attention of an audience for five minutes? Thirty minutes?”

With that in mind, here are a couple videos of me speaking so you can get a feel of how I communicate and if I would be a good fit for your audience.



What People Are Saying



My Top 5 Most Requested Topics

Faith And The Modern Family border.jpg

1. Faith and The Modern Family:
How to Raise a Healthy Family in A Modern World

Most families today are long on commitment and short on time. It feels like we are being pulled in so many directions that it makes it difficult, if not impossible to connect relationally as a family. Smart phones, mobile technology, relentless hurry and stress seem to be woven into the fabric of our lives. We can all agree that a modern family does not equal a healthy one. We ask and answer four questions that help us build a healthy family in a modern world. What should I feed my time starved kids? What should I do when my kids a re rude? What should I know when virtual is reality? And, What should I plan for my family’s future.

Take a look at the following page "Planning your Faith and The Modern Family Event" to find a step by step planning guide for your event and several pictures taken while at an event at Northeast Christian Church in Rockfield IL to give you an idea of how they promoted and planned their event. They did an incredible job!


From Hectic to Healthy.jpg

2. From Hectic To Healthy:
The Journey to a Balanced Life

Would you describe yourself as a workaholic, overworked or stressed out? Do you feel a sense of guilt when you sit down or relax? Do you feel like you are stuck stuck in the gear of relentless hurry? Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to get it all done? In this keynote we share our experience, thoughts and the four healthy steps you can take in order to start a journey to a balanced life. First Step: Understanding SPIN. Second Step: Learning STOP. Third Step: Setting PACE. Fourth Step: Continuing WALK.


7 Words That Will Change Your Life With Craig Jutila.001.jpeg

3. 7 Choices That Will Change Your Life

You just made a choice: to read this description. And now you've chosen to keep on reading. Estimates suggest the average adult makes 35,000 choices in a single day! Most of those decisions have little or no impact on how we think or feel -- but each of us will face a number of choices that do affect our lives on a deeper level. Discover the seven critical choices you must make in order to become a healthy leader, a healthy parent, a healthy person.



Soul Tattoo.jpg

4. Soul Tattoo:
Living Out What God Put In

What is on your heart today? What story or experience has been imprinted on your heart to share with others? The Sacred Heart is a medieval symbol of sacrifice and those who take the imprint of the Sacred Heart do so to live out what God has put in.  Each unique part of the Soul Tattoo is a reminder for us to make a collaborative difference in the world. The five components to our Soul Tattoo.

Heart of Kindness (Showing grace to those around us)
Crown of Suffering (Allowing brokenness to mold us not defeat us)
Dagger of Courage (Embracing boldness through a sense of risk and adventure)
Rose of Hope (Expressing a strong belief and confidence in God)
Flames of Passion (Moving forward in life with enthusiasm and excitement)


Leadership Seasonality Border.jpg

5. Leadership Seasonality:
Something Has to Change

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Right now I am just in a busy season, when things slow down then I can relax.” There are seasons to the leaders life but when busyness becomes the dominate climate then it’s time for a seasonal change. Learning the principle of seasonality and what is required to live life in its appropriate season is essential for all of us. Taking these four steps will bring health to your leadership life. Step One: Take In. Step Two: Time Out. Step Three: Team Up. Step Four: Turn Down



109 More Talks

If my top 5 most requested topic don't work for you I have provided a link below to download a 109 more talks I can tailor just for your church or event. I hope these are helpful for you.

109 Additional Talks and Topics



How To Plan Your Event

If you would like a few ideas for planning an event at your church take a look at the "How To Plan Your Event Page" where you will find a few pictures of an event to help you visualize what your event could look. You can also download an event workbook that will give you some ideas for planning as well as a sample schedule to follow.