How To Plan Your Event

You may be asking, "How do I pull off a parenting or leadership event?" I understand how you can feel that way. Feeling of being overwhelmed with your current day to day responsibilities and don't forget about that thing called the budge, I certainly know how that feels. After 20 years as a Children's Pastor responsible for children and families I felt the same way many times.

With that in mind here are a few Thoughts, Resources and Ideas that may help you put together an event for parents, families or the leaders of your ministry. These resources are specific to a parenting conference or parenting seminar but they may prove helpful in whatever event you may be hosting.



1. Don't Let The Feeling of Being Overwhelmed Wipe Out Your Vision

Do the little things that make the little difference that will make the big difference.


2. Don't Let Your Budget Dictate Your Vision

I can remember doing several things as a Pastor to bring in guest speakers I didn't have the current budget "line item" for. Here are a few things you can do to get your event up and running.

1. Ask parents or others to sponsor the event by giving their resources.

2. Charge for the event to help offset the cost.

3. Ask business men and women who travel a lot for their job to donate their airline and hotel miles to help with speaker travel costs.

4. Invite other churches to participate in the event and help share the cost.

5. Invite other ministries within your church to share in the event cost. If you really want to get them onboard tell them you will do all the work!


3. Ask Others To Help

People often support what they help create. Ask a few people to serve with you as you plan and organize the event. Get their ideas and insight and get moving.



We have put together an idea book complete with a sample schedule, possible session and topic titles. There are also links to other free resources to help you not only plan but empower the parents of your church. Some of the links included in the Planning A Parent Gathering Book are downloading a chapter of Faith and the Modern Family, downloading the 34 page Family Inc workbook to assist parents in writing their family vision, mission and values.

Resources on helping families on their faith journey and helping parents understand the importance of protecting their children online are also included as links.

Simply click on the "Plan A Parent Gathering Book" to download now.



Sample Schedule 1

Saturday Morning

9:00-10:00am Session 1: What Should I Feed My Time Starved Kids?
10:15-11:15am Session 2: What Should I Do When My Kids Are Rude?
11:30-12:30 Session 3: What Should I Know Now That Virtual Is Reality?

Sample Schedule 2

Saturday Morning

9:00-10:00am Session 1: What Should I Do When My Kids Are Rude?
10:15-11:15am Session 2: What Should I Know Now That Virtual Is Reality?

Sunday Services
Topic for All Services: What Should I Feed My Time Starved Kids?

If these schedules don’t “float your boat” then come up with your own times and talk titles. We will work with you to make a difference in the lives of each family in your church or community.



One of the churches where I had the privilege of speaking this year was Northeast Christian Church in Rockford IL. Leslie Petty is the Children's Pastor there and they did a great job of creating an atmosphere and environment for a successful parenting conference.

Another church, Tennessee Valley Community Church in Paris TN also did a great job. Tommie St.John is their Family Pastor and pictures of their event are below as well.

One other church, Good Shepherd UMC in Houston TX did a great job as well. Cari Brenek is the Children's Pastor and a few pictures of their event are below.

Something to remember. These pictures are here for ideas, to spark your imagination. You don't have to do things the exact way they did them nor should they discourage you from doing an event because "they" did it so great. Yes, they did a great job, and you can too!


Video Preview of An Event