2-Minute Encouragers For Volunteer Leaders


2-Minute Encouragers For Volunteer Leaders


2-Minute Encouragers By Craig Jutila contains 52 encouraging messages for you to use with your volunteers. Each story is is designed to encourage and energize your team (Think chicken-soup for your volunteers’ soul).

This resource comes with 52 reproducible stories, one for each week of the year! And 2 Audio CD’s with each story read by Craig. You can reproduce the two audio CDs and hand them out to your leaders or reproduce each story and email them out to your team.

Give your leaders a boost they need with a thought provoking and engaging story. This book is an indispensable resource for leaders who want to motivate their team all year!

Download A Sample Story From The Book

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2-Minute Encouragers for Teachers

By Craig Jutila

Table of Contents

1. You Are Not Alone (appears on pages 6-7 in book)
2. Clearing the Air (appears on pages 8-9 in book)
3. The Lines Are Open (appears on pages 10-11 in book)
4. Slow Down: Life Change Ahead (appears on pages 12-13 in book)
5. Through Thick and Thin (appears on pages 14-15 in book)
6. We’ve Got Your Back (appears on pages 16-17 in book)
7. Be Prepared (appears on pages 18-19 in book)
8. A Change for the Better (appears on pages 20-21 in book)
9. Opportunity Knocks (appears on pages 22-23 in book)
10. Are You Fired Up? (appears on pages 24-25 in book)
11. And We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun (appears on pages 26-27 in book)
12. In Tune With Tension (appears on pages 28-29 in book)
13. Random Acts of Kindness (appears on pages 30-31 in book)
14. Beyond the Last Straw (appears on pages 32-33 in book)
15. Eenie-Meenie-Mynie-ME! (appears on pages 34-35 in book)
16. A Smile a Day… (appears on pages 36-37 in book)
17. Leap of Faith (appears on pages 38-39 in book)
18. Laughter Is the Best Medicine (appears on pages 40-41 in book)
19. Honestly the Best Policy (appears on pages 42-43 in book)
20. Following the Leader (appears on pages 44-45 in book)
21. Soaring High (appears on pages 46-47 in book)
22. Foot-in-Mouth Disease (appears on pages 48-49 in book)
23. God’s Words (appears on pages 50-51 in book)
24. Light the Fire (appears on pages 52-53 in book)
25. This Little Piggy… (appears on pages 54-55 in book)
26. Valuable Decisions (appears on pages 56-57 in book)
27. Losing to Win (appears on pages 58-59 in book)
28. You Belong (appears on pages 60-61 in book)
29. Wonderful Counselors (appears on pages 62-63 in book)
30. A Good Influence (appears on pages 64-65 in book)
31. Power of the People (appears on pages 66-67 in book)
32. Kind Curiosity (appears on pages 68-69 in book)
33. Lost in Translation (appears on pages 70-71 in book)
34. Forget About It! (appears on pages 72-73 in book)
35. A Glass Overflowing (appears on pages 74-75 in book)
36. Wanted: Pacesetters (appears on pages 76-77 in book)
37. God Loves You (appears on pages 78-79 in book)
38. Loyalty Island (appears on pages 80-81 in book)
39. It’s Who You Are (appears on pages 82-83 in book)
40. Nobody Like You (appears on pages 84-85 in book)
41. Running the Race (appears on pages 86-87 in book)
42. Your Integrity Shines (appears on pages 88-89 in book)
43. The Difference Is in the Dialogue (appears on pages 90-91 in book)
44. Joy of Salvation (appears on pages 92-93 in book)
45. What’s Really Important (appears on pages 94-95 in book)
46. Don’t Give Up (appears on pages 96-97 in book)
47. Your Inner Child (appears on pages 98-99 in book)
48. Wounds That Heal (appears on pages 100-101 in book)
49. Welcome! (appears on pages 102-103 in book)
50. Soar Like an Eagle (appears on pages 104-105 in book)
51. You Can Make It Happen (appears on pages 106-107 in book)
52. Game Seven (appears on pages 108-109 in book)