Faith and the Modern Family Small Group 10 Pack

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Faith and the Modern Family Small Group 10 Pack


In this much-needed book, author Craig Jutila gives sound and practical advice, drawn from biblical principles, personal family experience, and expertise as a leader on how to raise a strong and healthy family in a modern world, and move from a healthy family that simply survives to a family that thrives.

Today’s modern family is facing challenges that rarely, if ever, crossed our minds a few years ago, and in some cases, a few months ago!

Most families today are long on commitment and short on time and are being pulled in so many directions that it makes it difficult, if not impossible, to connect face-to-face. Smartphones, mobile technology, work-life balance, relentless hurry and stress seem to be woven into the fabric of our lives. If these things are true, the question that begs to be answered is, How do parents raise a healthy family in a modern world?

In Faith and the Modern Family: How To Raise a Healthy Family In a Modern World you will explore the four most important issues facing today’s family in the form of four questions.

1. What Should I Feed My Time Starved Kids?
2. What Should I Do When My Kids Are Rude?
3. What Should I Do Now That Virtual Is Reality?
4. What Should I Plan For My Family’s Future?

Practical, humorous and relevant this book will transform your family.

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Praise For Faith and the Modern Family

Years ago, parents watched Little House on the Prairie. Today it’s Modern Family. And the book you need to read if you’re a parent in these crazy, modern times is Craig Jutila’s book Faith and the Modern Family—from dealing with bad behavior, to guidance on carving out time for what’s most important; from protecting your child online, to helping them find their purpose and knowing how to get there, help is here. This book is filled with humor, with “I’ve been there” stories that will grab your heart, and with biblical principles that will guide your modern family toward God’s best––even in our “too modern,” broken world.
John Trent, Ph.D.
President and Founder,

I love Craig Jutila, and I love this book. Craig masterfully navigates the fine line between theory (every parent needs good guiding principles) and real-world help. While you’ll find timeless principles in this book, it’s also peppered with timely, practical, just-when-you-need-it advice. The section on knowing how to protect your child online is worth the purchase price alone. You’ll keep this book handy for years to come.
Carey Nieuwhof
Lead Pastor of Connexus Church
Author, Leading Change Without Losing It; Coauthor, Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

Craig’s book, Faith and the Modern Family, addresses the four areas that families are struggling with the most. In particular, the first section of the book will give every parent a plan to help his or her family live a balanced life together—something that is critically missing in today’s world. If you are a parent who cares about the future of your family, you should definitely read Faith and the Modern Family.
Reggie Joiner
President and Founder, ReThink Group

Craig has a reputation for dealing with the issues that matter most to families . . . and here he has done it again. This book engages parents at the bedrock of their questions and fears. It offers sound, biblical advice and a no-nonsense approach to application. For anyone who is raising kids in a modern world (or thinking about it), this book is a must-have resource to have in arm’s reach at all times.
Michelle Anthony
Family Ministry Architect, David C. Cook
Author and Communicator,

Once again Craig has hit the ball out of the park with a must-read for every parent. Here’s a book that gives practical answers to how to cultivate true faith in today’s modern family. I appreciate Craig’s honesty and also his willingness to make a difference where it matters the most—at home. This is not only a book to read, but also a book to share with others. If families will apply the principles and insights Craig and Mary give us from their own story, they will find all that God desires for their families.
Jim Wideman
Teacher, Author and Ministry Consultant

I love the insight and practical help for parents who are trying to figure out how to raise kids in today’s busy digital and social world. With wis- dom and humor, Craig offers practical steps to help parents navigate this world. Every parent needs a copy of this book.
Sue Miller
Coauthor, Making Your Children’s Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kid’s Week; Creative Team Member, ReThink Group

One of the things I love about Craig and the way he writes is his straight- forward, down-to-earth, practical approach. This book is filled with simple and doable ideas that will truly help you establish and raise a healthy family in the modern world in which we live.
Mark Holmen
Author, Faith Begins at Home
National and International Consultant and Speaker, Faith at Home Movement