Fear Knot Preschool

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Fear Knot Preschool


What are children afraid of and what does God's Word teach about how to overcome a "fear knot" inside? This series covers the eight most common fears of children including fear of heights, snakes, drowning, scary movies, spiders, the dark, bullies and strangers, and will show them how God can help them to fear knot based on Joshua 1:9

What's In The Box?

This DVD series includes eight lessons. Each lesson comes with four segments: “Sing This”, “Hear This”, “Picture This”, and “Do This”. “Sing This” will get you jumping with our theme song! “Hear This” contains the Bible memory verse, with your favorite pal, Sharkey. “Picture This” is the main teaching lesson and includes the Bible Story taught in a fun and creative way. Finally, “Do This” which contains Myron reminding us how to apply the lesson to our daily life.

The CD contains several items: Artwork which can be used to promote the series at your church; The Parent/Student Handouts are for the children to use in class and take home with them; Also the Leader Guides which suggest how to organize the classroom time and lessons; A Classroom Storybook  which can be used as a visual aid to retell the story during class; An EnterAction Guide for your children to take home and use with their family as a daily devotional; And an Activity Booklet that contains fun coloring pages and helps the kids to remember what they learned at church.

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Lesson 1: Fear of Snakes (Calm)
Gideon saw an angel and thought he was going to die, but the Lord told him to calm down. Preschoolers will learn how to stay calm in scary situations.

Download The Fear Knot Lesson 1 Story Book
Download The Fear Knot Lesson 1 Leader Guide
Download The Fear Knot Lesson 1 Student Handout


Lesson 1: Fear of Snakes (Calm)
Gideon saw an angel and thought he was going to die, but the Lord told him to calm down. Preschoolers will learn how to stay calm in scary situations.

Lesson 2: Fear of the Dark (Together)
Moses told Joshua that he was going to be the one to lead the Israelites into the Promise Land, but not to worry because God would go with him. Children will see that together with God they are never alone.

Lesson 3: Fear of Heights (Act)
When Gideon asked his army to leave if they were afraid, 22,000 men went home and missed out on seeing God win the victory.  God can help Preschoolers have the courage to do what they need to do.

Lesson 4: Fear of Spiders (Know)
Gideon was told to tear down his father's altar to another god and build a new altar to the Lord. Preschoolers will see that it is good to know about spiders so they don't have to be afraid of them.

Lesson 5: Fear of Bullies (Courage)
God helped Gideon have the courage to stand up to the Midianites, who were bullying Israel.  Preschoolers will hear that they should ask God for courage and let an adult know if someone is bullying them.

Lesson 6: Fear of Scary Movie (Think)
Jacob had a dream about angels going up and down a ladder and woke up to realize that God was with him. Children will hear why it is important to think before seeing a movie and to keep their mind on God when they are afraid.

Lesson 7: Fear of Strangers (Wise)
This lesson's Bible story is about a man name Sisera who made an unwise choice and trusted a stranger to help him.
Preschoolers will learn that it is important to be wise and have a healthy fear of strangers.

Lesson 8: Fear of Drowning (Learn)
When the boat that Paul was traveling on shipwrecked all of the men panicked, thinking that they were going to drown. Children will see that the best way to stay safe around water is to learn to swim.