Faith and the Modern Family

Times are changing, especially for families. Today’s modern family is facing challenges that rarely, if ever, crossed our minds a few years ago and in some cases, a few months ago!

Most families today are long on commitment and short on time and are being pulled in so many directions that it makes it difficult, if not impossible to connect relationally. Smart phones, mobile technology, work-life balance, relentless hurry and stress seem to be woven into the fabric of our lives. We can all agree that a modern family does not equal a healthy one. This brings up the question, How do we raise a healthy family in a modern family world? 

In the hit ABC TV comedy series, Modern Family, Phil Dunphy, played by actor Ty Burrell, is being interviewed as part of the episode. The question to him is, “What’s the key to being a great dad?” Phil answers, “Be their buddy.” Claire, played by actress Julie Bowen, pops out from behind the wall, “Seriously, is that your answer?” Nervously Phil starts to rattle off a few more options, “Stay in school, don’t do drugs,” then he says, “Just give me the answer!”1

Have you ever felt that way? Can someone just give me the answer? Please! I am not suggesting we have all the answers when in fact both my wife Mary and I continue to learn to be better parents ourselves. In "Faith & The Modern Family" we take a look at four questions and answer each of them with practical advice and steps to raise a healthy family in today's modern world.

What Should I Feed My Time Starved Kids?
Chapter 1: A Healthy Life Pace
Chapter 2: Moments of Rest
Chapter 3: Uninterrupted Time Together

What Should I Do When My Kids Are Rude?
Chapter 4: Model The Behavior You Want
Chapter 5: Repeat The Behavior You Want
Chapter 6: Reinforce The Behavior You Want

What Should I Know When Virtual Is Reality?
Chapter 7: Know How To Protect Your Child Online
Chapter 8: Know How To Set Digital Boundaries
Chapter 9: Know How To Keep Communication Open

What Should I Plan For My Family’s Future?
Chapter 10: Plan Your Family’s Purpose
Chapter 11: Plan Your Family’s Priorities
Chapter 12: Plan Your Family’s Process

Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, “The Bicycle Thief,” Modern Family, season 1, episode 2, directed by Jason Winer, aired September 21, 2010 (Los Angeles, CA: 20th Century Fox, 2010), DVD.

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