ParentDownload is a collaborative effort between all parents. We have met so many creative parents who are doing things in their home with their kids that are absolutely amazing!

Yes, Amazing! I mean New York Times best seller quality stuff! Most parents are extremely humble about the things they are doing with their family and they assume that other parents are doing the same thing with their kids. We need a collaborative community to share these resources, that’s where ParentDownload comes in. All parents are smarter than one parent!

This is a platform for parents to upload their creativity and download resources that will help them on their parenting journey. If you have a great idea like a chore chart, bedtime routine, creative family night or whatever, we want you to share them and we want to pay you for them. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

ParentDownload exists for two reasons. First, ParentDownload exists for parents to find great resources for their parenting life. AND, Equally First, ParentDownload exists for creative people with great resources to share those resources with parents and be rewarded for it.

ParentDownload only works if people like you take a risk and upload their resources. If no one uploads their great resources then no one can download them.

The ParentDownload Resource Submission Page is where you will upload all of your resources for parents to download. We have included a few links below to help you submit your first resource.

Quick Links

ParentDownload Resource Submission Page

3 Things Your Resource Should Have (The three things you should include in your resource to make them user friendly.)

Sample Resource Page (This will give you an idea of how your resource will look in the ParentDownload Store)

Sample Resource “Family Inc. by Craig Jutila” (This is a sample resource to use as an example.)

Terms and Conditions (Yep, we have to have them so everyone is on the same page.)

Think of The ParentDownload Store as a store for parents that never closes. Most parents have time to themselves between 10:14pm and 10:19pm. Parents use this time to answer personal email, Facebook, catch up on work email, Instagram, wash clothes, get the kids ready for school the next day and…oh yes, have a moment of silence to themselves.

So…we wanted to create a place for parents to get what they need, when they need it. With that in mind, we give you the ParentDownload Store.

In the ParentDownlaod Store parents can look at resources, search by category or tag, read about resources specific to their family season and download a preview before they purchase a resource.

We are glad you are ready to upload a resource and be rewarded for it!

The simple answer is click here, fill out the information, and you're done.

For those looking for a little more information we have put together 10 questions we think you may be asking. Oh, we have inculded the answers as well.

1. Who Can Submit Resources?

Anyone! Parents, ministry professionals, leaders, moms, dads…you get the idea. Just make sure your resource is all about encouraging, equipping and empowering parents.


2. How Do I Submit My Resource?

Head over to the ParentDownload Resource Submission Page and start the process. Answer a few questions, upload your resource and you're done.

Remember, all resources are sold as a download only. No hard copies of resources will be sold unless you can force that book through your cable provider.


3. What Format Should I Submit My Resource In?

Your resource can be submitted in whatever form you would like. .doc, .jpg, .wav, .pdf, etc.. If your resource contains multiple files you will need to zip or compress your files into one folder to upload them. For example, you may have an audio file explaining your resource, a PowerPoint game and a set of game instructions. You would zip all three of these files together and upload them as one file folder.

We recommend that you include a Cover Page, an Overview of Your Resource Page and a How To Use Your Resource page. You can download the 3 Things Your Resource Should Include as a guide. You may also download a Sample Resource Family Inc Workbook COMPLETE EXAMPLE By Craig Jutila as a resource example.


Links To Help You Compress or Zip Your Files

MAC Users

Windows Users

You may also want to head over to the SAMPLE ParentDownload Store to see how your resource will be displayed once uploaded. Click on the Family Inc Resource. You will read about the resource, have a chance to download a preview of the resource ( a necessary feature for a parent who may be thinking about purchasing your resource) and a chance to buy the resource. We have set the cost at $0.00 so you can walk through the process of "buying" a resource if you would like to get a feel for the process.


4. Do I Get Paid?

Heck yes you get paid! You will be paid 50% of what the item sells for and you can recommend the price when you submit your resource. We will keep track of what resources you sell and we will pay you quarterly. Fun fact: Most publishers pay less than 10% royalties to their authors.


5. How Do I Get Paid?

If your resource sells you will be paid on quarterly on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.


6. Can I Offer Free Resources?

Yes and yes! By offering free resources parents will get a chance to see what you do. Offering a free resource or two will go a long way to selling your other resources.


7. I Want To Upload A Resource Right Now, Where Do I Go?

The ParentDownload Resource Submission Page


8. Are There Any Terms & Conditions?

Wow, we can’t believe that question would even come to mind but, since you asked, yes, there are a few terms and conditions. It’s pretty simple stuff. Take a look at the Terms & Conditions.


9. Is Their A Maximum Number of Resources I Can Upload?

You may upload as many resources as your heart desires! If you have already submitted a resource you may use the "short" form by following the link below. ADDLINKHERETOSHORTFORM.


10. Will You Tell Me If My Resource(s) Sell(s)?

Yes. We will tell you on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. If you don’t hear from us the week after these dates your resource(s) did not sell.