Four Steps on Your Child's Faith Journey

If you are reading Faith and the Modern Family you have come to the right spot!

Below are are four lessons or four steps you can take with your child to get them talking about their faith journey.  You can download these lessons by clicking on their images. We have also put a few additional resources below to encourage your child on their faith journey.



For A Deeper Study There Are Some Additional Resources Here

Below are are four booklets that contain a deeper look at Knowing, Growing, Serving and Sharing Christ. Each booklet is designed to encourage your child in their faith journey.


For An In Depth Study You Can View The Following Resources Below

The following books contain 24 lessons each and are designed to challenge your child to grow deeper in their faith. Bible study, scripture memory,  and practical application are part of each lesson and are designed to encourage, quip, and empower your child on their faith journey.

What Is The Focus of Each Book?

First Step to Know Christ
This step will introduce your child to Jesus and help you explain and understand what salvation means.

Next Step To Grow In Christ
This next step will help your child realize the importance of taking a few minutes a day to read God’s Word, the Bible.

Step Up to Serve Christ
This third step takes your child a little further on their faith journey by talking about the importance of serving others.

Step Out to Share Christ
This fourth step will help your child to share their faith journey with others.