What's Bugging You? Preschool MAC Download


What's Bugging You? Preschool MAC Download


Come along on this outdoor adventure as we learn why God made us. Joining Myron and the Gang, we will creep and crawl along while learning the five biblical purposes of why we are here on earth. We will learn about worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism. This series correlates with the Forty Days of Purpose church campaign.

What's In The Download?

This series includes eight lessons. Each lesson comes with four segments: “Sing This”, “Hear This”, “Picture This”, and “Do This”. “Sing This” will get you jumping with our theme song! “Hear This” contains the Bible memory verse, with your favorite pal, Sharkey. “Picture This” is the main teaching lesson and includes the Bible Story taught in a fun and creative way. Finally, “Do This” which contains Myron reminding us how to apply the lesson to our daily life.

The Resource CD download contains several items: Artwork which can be used to promote the series at your church; The Parent/Student Handouts are for the children to use in class and take home with them; Also the Leader Guides which suggest how to organize the classroom time and lessons; A Classroom Storybook  which can be used as a visual aid to retell the story during class; An EnterAction Guide for your children to take home and use with their family as a daily devotional; And an Activity Booklet that contains fun coloring pages and helps the kids to remember what they learned at church.

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Lesson 1: Be Prepared
Through this story of John the Baptist, preschool children will learn what it means to prepare their hearts for Jesus.

Lesson 2: Why am I Here?
Preschool children will hear the creation story of how God made everything. They will see that God planned out every little thing for a purpose, even BUGS!

Lesson 3: Worship
Your little ones will hear about King Asa's love for God. They will learn how they too can worship Him in all they say and do!

Lesson 4: Fellowship
Through the story of Paul's friendship with Aquila and Priscilla, preschool children will hear how God made us all to be a part of his family. They will learn that God did not make us to be alone.

Lesson 5: Discipleship
Preschool children will hear how James chose to be a better person by following Jesus. They will learn that they can become more like Christ by coming to church, hearing Bible stores and verses, and talking to Him daily in prayer.

Lesson 6: Service
Preschool children will hear how Miriam served God by taking care of her baby brother Moses. They will see that even by doing the little jobs we can serve others, and that means we are serving God.

Lesson 7: Evangelism
Preschoolers will hear about Paul's trip around the world to tell others about Jesus. They will see how they too can share God's love with others through their action and words.

Lesson 8: Celebrate!
Through the story of the lost son who comes back home, preschool children will learn how God has a purpose and place for everyone. There is always a reason to celebrate because God made us all!