What's Bugging You? Elementary MAC Download


What's Bugging You? Elementary MAC Download


In this 8 Week Edition, com on an outdoor adventure with Craig, Natalie, and Ande as we learn how to live a life of purpose! What's Bugging You? is an eight-week series providing kids with an understanding of why they were created. This curriculum is all you need for your weekend program. It comes with one teaching DVD with all eight teaching segments, a game for each lesson entitled "G3", and interviews with kids on how they apply each lesson to their lives in a segment entitled "Live It." This curriculum also includes a CD with reproducible lesson handouts, detailed lesson outlines, and a game on Multimedia Slide for each lesson entitled "Total Recall." They will learn the five biblical purposes for their life: Evangelism, Fellowship, Discipleship, Service, and Worship. This series correlates with the 40 days of Purpose church campaign.

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Lesson 1: Be Prepared!
Kids will hear about John the Baptist as he prepared the way for Jesus. They will learn how to get their hearts and minds ready for God and His plans. (Matthew 3:1-12)

Lesson 2: Why Am I Here?
Kids will learn about creation and how God made nothing on accident. They will learn that they were created by God for a purpose. (Genesis 1)

Lesson 3: Worship
Kids will hear about King Asa's love for God and will realize that they can show their love to God by worshiping Him in all they say and do. (1 Kings 15:10-24, 2 Chronicles 14-16)

Lesson 4: Fellowship
Kids will be taught about Paul's friendship with Aquilla and Priscilla. They will understand that fellowship with other Christians is crucial to their growing relationship with God. (Acts 18)

Lesson 5: Discipleship
Kids will study how James chose to become a disciple by following Jesus. They will learn that they can become more like Christ by seeking God through prayer, going to church, and reading the Bible. (Matthew 4:21 and 17:15, Mark 3:17, and 5:37.)

Lesson 6: Service
Kids will discover that Miriam served God by taking on a small job with great value. They will understand that they too can serve God by serving others. (Exodus 2)

Lesson 7: Evangelism
Kids will learn about Paul's desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus all over the world. They will see how they can share God's love with others through their actions and their words. (Acts 25-26)

Lesson 8: Celebrate!
Kids will hear the story of the lost son who comes back home to his family. They will see that there is always a reason to celebrate because God has a purpose and plan for everyone. (Luke 15:11-24 NIV)