Wake Up Elementary MAC Download


Wake Up Elementary MAC Download


Wake Up is a five week series that centers around five impactful stories that required someone to wake up. Themed in a Wake Board extreme water sport atmosphere. Join Craig, Alyssa, Hydro Plane and Shaun Murray, five time world wake board champion, and Emily Copeland Durham, wake board X Games gold medal champion as they share their faith in Christ and show you their mad wake board skills. Each student will be introduced to life changing principles that will make their faith Wake Up and come alive. For more detailed information see the Extended information Tab.

This curriculum comes with one teaching DVD with all five teaching segments, a game for each lesson entitled "G3", and interviews with kids on how they apply each lesson to their lives in a segment entitled "Live It." You also receive a resource CD with reproducible handouts, Leader Guide outlines, Student Handouts and more.

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Lesson 1 - Wake Up Jesus!
Jesus falls asleep in a boat and His disciples wake Him up in a panic during a storm. He reminds His disciples to have faith! In this lesson each child will learn that God will allow difficulties or storms into their life in order to grow their faith.

Lesson 2 - Wake Up Peter, James and John!
Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray and asked Peter, James and John to pray with Him. Jesus returned to find His disciples asleep and reminds them to be alert! Students will learn that in order to not fall into temptation, they must stay alert and keep focused on Jesus.

Lesson 3 - Wake Up Peter!
King Herod had Peter arrested and thrown into jail. While Peter was asleep, an angel appeared and told him to wake up and follow him out of the city. God rescued Peter from Herod. Children will learn that God is always in control, no matter how bad things seem and He has the power to rescue us.

Lesson 4 - Wake Up Guard!
Paul and Silas were in jail praying and singing when an earthquake happened which opened the cell doors. The guard feared that Paul and Silas had escaped. Students will hear how God used that opportunity for Paul and Silas to lead the guard into a relationship with Jesus.

Lesson 5 - Wake Up Eutychus!
Paul was preaching in a home where a young man, named Eutychus, fell asleep in the window falling down three stories to the street. Paul performed a miracle and brought Eutychus back to life. In this lesson, each child will learn God offers us a new life that is found in following Him.