Soul Food Elementary MAC Download


Soul Food Elementary MAC Download


This download version is for use on MAC operating systems and computers. The video files are enhanced .m4v files.

Soul Food is an eight week series that will stir up your appetite for Godly goodies. Based on the theme verse of Isaiah 55:2 NLT, children will learn where to get food that is good for the soul. Nourish your bodies and hearts as you learn the recipe to obey, trust, rely, share, listen, recognize, remember and feed from God's Word.

This curriculum comes with everything the “hardcopy” version has but in a download version.

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Lesson 1: How do you like them apples?
Children will learn that they have choices in life. As they hear the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they will understand the importance of obedience to God in making the right choices.

Lesson 2: Pick up or delivery?
Children will learn that things happen in life that are out of their control. As they hear the story of the ravens feeding Elijah, they will see how they can trust in God because He cares about all of their needs.

Lesson 3: Angel food cake
Children will learn that it is natural to fear what we do not know. Through the story of Elijah running from Queen Jezebel and the angel providing food for him, they will see that the more they get to know God, the more they can rely on His promises.

Lesson 4: Got Food?
Children will hear that food is not always available for everyone. As they learn about famine, they will see how God wants them to show compassion and share with others who are not as fortunate.

Lesson 5: Fish and Chips Anyone?
Children will learn that when they listen to God, they will have many rewards. Through the story of the miraculous catch in Luke 5:1-11, they will see that it is God who can guide them as they make daily decisions and give them a purpose for their lives.

Lesson 6: S'mores and more
Children will learn and recognize that Christ is the One who can provide for them and meet all their needs. As they hear the story of Jesus cooking breakfast on the beach for the disciples, they will see that He is a friend they can know personally.

Lesson 7: Dinner out
Children will learn that we build special memories as a way to remember special people. Through the story of the last supper that Jesus had with His disciples, they will hear how God's love was shown through Christ's actions.

Lesson 8:Spice it up
Children will see how to take what they have learned and use it to help others. They will learn from Matthew 5:13 how to be the salt of the earth by bringing the flavors of love and joy to those around them.