See Do Preschool MAC Download


See Do Preschool MAC Download


This download version is for use on MAC operating systems and computers. The video files are enhanced .m4v files.

James 1:22 says, "Do what God's Word says. Don't merely listen to it, or you will fool yourselves." Join Cassie, Spencer and Baxter as they learn to serve others as Jesus did. Through a cheerful heart and a good attitude, Preschoolers will discover how to See when others are in need and Do their best with their deeds.

This curriculum comes with everything the “hardcopy” version has but in a download version.

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Series Overview:

Lesson 1: Cheerfulness - I can choose a happy heart! God took care of Moses and the Israelites, even when they grumbled. Preschool children will learn that they can choose to have a good attitude, instead of whining or complaining.

Lesson 2: Humility - Others are important! As preschool children hear the story of Naaman being cured of his sickness when he humbled himself and listened to the prophet Elisha. They will learn that they can be humble by helping others.

Lesson 3: Responsibility- I can take care of my things! Elisha was responsible and helped his friend retrieve an ax that he borrowed. Preschoolers will see that it pleases God when they are responsible and take care of their things.

Lesson 4: Example - I can be a good example! Preschool children hear the story of Jesus setting an example for his disciples of service to others by washing their feet. They will see that God wants them to be a good example to their friends by helping and serving the way Jesus did.

Lesson 5: Calm - I can be calm! The disciples were in a big storm and were afraid, but Jesus calmed the storm and took care of them. Preschoolers will learn that they can be calm and turn to Jesus when they are afraid and He will care for them too.

Lesson 6: Trust - I can trust God to help me! Preschool children will hear the story of how God's power freed the Israelites from Pharaoh. They will see that God wants them to trust in Him to help whenever they go through a hard time.

Lesson 7: Remember - I can remember how good God is! Joshua and the Israelites built a stone memorial to help them remember God's love and protection. God wants Preschoolers to remember what good things He has done for them as well.

Lesson 8: Believe - I can believe in the Lord! Preschool children will learn that Jesus healed a man who had been born blind because he believed. They can believe that God loves them and will take care of them also.