Sailing The C's Preschool WINDOWS Download


Sailing The C's Preschool WINDOWS Download


Come aboard as we sail along these 7 exciting C's. Jump on the boat with Myron and the gang as we hit the water and splash into God's Word. We will sail through the C's of character, competence, chemistry, calling, courage, compassion and commitment. This series will guide your children to develop these godly traits.

What's In The Download?

This series includes eight lessons. Each lesson comes with four segments: “Sing This”, “Hear This”, “Picture This”, and “Do This”. “Sing This” will get you jumping with our theme song! “Hear This” contains the Bible memory verse, with your favorite pal, Sharkey. “Picture This” is the main teaching lesson and includes the Bible Story taught in a fun and creative way. Finally, “Do This” which contains Myron reminding us how to apply the lesson to our daily life.

The Resource CD download contains several items: Artwork which can be used to promote the series at your church; The Parent/Student Handouts are for the children to use in class and take home with them; Also the Leader Guides which suggest how to organize the classroom time and lessons; A Classroom Storybook  which can be used as a visual aid to retell the story during class; An EnterAction Guide for your children to take home and use with their family as a daily devotional; And an Activity Booklet that contains fun coloring pages and helps the kids to remember what they learned at church.

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Lesson 1: C of Character - Have a good attitude!
Through the story of Daniel and the Lions, preschool children will learn what it means to develop their character by having a good attitude.

Lesson 2: C of Competence- Do my best!
As preschool children hear the story of Joshua and the Walls of Jericho, they will learn that God created them all with certain gifts and abilities.

Lesson 3: C of Chemistry- Love others!
Preschool children will hear about the friendship of David and Jonathan. They will learn why it is important to love their family and friends.

Lesson 4: C of Calling- God knows me!
Through the story of Gideon, preschool children will learn how God loves each one of them and wants them to love and learn about Him.

Lesson 5: C of Courage-Be strong!
Preschool children will hear the story of Abigail. They will learn that God promises to always be with them and give them the strength that they need to do the right thing.

Lesson 6: C of Compassion- Be kind!
Preschool children will hear how to be kind through the story of Ruth. They will see how to be kind through words and actions.

Lesson 7: C of Commitment- Obey God!
As preschool children hear about Paul's trials, they will learn what it means to love and obey God.

Lesson 8: Celebration C- Celebrate Jesus!
Through the parable of the Great Supper, preschool children will understand that choosing Jesus means choosing what is best. And that is a sea to celebrate!