Rescue 911 Elementary MAC Download


Rescue 911 Elementary MAC Download


Shot on location at a Southern California Fire Department and training center, Rescue 911 is an eight-week video series that teaches kids to put their trust in God using Psalm 9:9-11 as our theme. This curriculum walks kids through Bible stories to show how God is our Rescuer and will allow them to discover how it relates to their life. This curriculum is all you need for your weekend program.

This curriculum comes with one teaching DVD with all eight teaching segments, a game for each lesson entitled "G3", and interviews with kids on how they apply each lesson to their lives in a segment entitled "Live It." You also receive a resource CD with reproducible handouts, Leader Guide outlines, Student Handouts, Family EnterAction Guide, Activity book and more.

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Lesson 1: God Will Rescue You (Matt 2:1-21)
Kids will hear how God rescued Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus by sending an angel to direct them to a place where they were safe. Kids will learn how they can count on God to be the one who rescues them as well.

Lesson 2: God Defends You (Daniel 3:1-30)
Kids will learn how God is there to defend them during tough times by hearing how God defended Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego when they stood up for God.

Lesson 3: God Will Protect You (Exodus 12:37-51)
Kids will be taught how God protected Moses and the Israelites when they put their faith in God. They will understand that when they are faced with a difficult decision or emergency they can look to God for protection.

Lesson 4: God is Trustworthy (Daniel 6:6-23)
Kids will study how Daniel put his trust in God and he was rescued from a lion’s den. They will discover that by putting their faith in God and not their circumstances, they too can be saved from hard situations.

Lesson 5: God’s Will Use You (Esther 1:1-10:3)
Kids will hear how God rescued the Hebrew people because Esther stood up for them. They will learn that they can be used as a tool for God to rescue others by encouraging them and praying for them.

Lesson 6: God is Praiseworthy (Acts 16:16:35)
Kids will discover how God set Paul and Silas free from prison because they praised God through their tough time. They will understand that God gives hope when we worship Him even in difficult times.

Lesson 7: God is Dependable (Acts 21:27-28:31)
Kids will learn how Paul loved to share Jesus even when he was scared. They will discover how they can share Jesus with people by depending on God just like Paul did.

Lesson 8: God Saves Us Matt. 14:22-33)
Kids will be taught how Jesus saved Peter when he called out to Him for help. Kids will understand that when they focus on God and not their surroundings, He will save them too.