Pier Pressure Elementary MAC Download


Pier Pressure Elementary MAC Download


Pier Pressure (Peer Pressure) is a five week series aimed at helping all elementary students not just cope with but overcome the difficulty of negative peer pressure in their lives. The series was shot at San Clemente Pier in Southern CA and captures the importance of having a deep foundation in Christ as the pressure of life's waves crash against us. This series uses 1 Corinthians 15:33 NIV as a foundation to build upon, "Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character." We take a look at five characters in the Old and New Testament, two who stood strong in the face of their peer pressure and three that had a momentary lapse in judgment and buckled under the peer pressure that was facing them. Each student will learn from the wise and poor choices these individuals made and how to apply each to their own life.

This curriculum comes with one teaching DVD with all five teaching segments, a game for each lesson entitled "G3", and interviews with kids on how they apply each lesson to their lives in a segment entitled "Live It." You also receive a resource CD with reproducible handouts, Leader Guide outlines, Student Handouts, Family EnterAction Guide, Activity books and more.

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Lesson 1: They Made Me Do It!
A Lesson from The Life of Aaron. Students will learn the importance of making responsible choices no matter what others say.

Lesson 2: Why Not?
A Lesson from The Life of Noah. Students will learn the importance of persistence no matter what others say about them.

Lesson 3: No I Don't!
A Lesson from The Life of Peter. Students will learn the importance of acknowledging Christ to others.

Lesson 4: We Should Go!
A Lesson from the Lives of Caleb and Joshua. Students will learn to "Speak-Up" for what they believe in.

Lesson 5: Don't Listen to The Crowd.
A Lesson from The Life of Pilate Students will learn to have courage to stand up for what is right no matter what the crowd says.