Living On The Edge Elementary WINDOWS Download


Living On The Edge Elementary WINDOWS Download


The principles of Chip Ingram's r12 series from Romans 12 are communicated to Elementary Children in a fun, relevant and life-changing way. Included in this teaching kit is a DVD with weekly video lessons, a testimony and a game to reinforce the lesson and a CD with leader guides, student handouts, activity booklets, and a family EnterAction Guide and more. Filmed at the edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, students will learn practical ways to live out the discipleship lessons of Romans 12.

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Lesson 1: Loving God and Loving Others
Each child will learn the greatest commandment is to love God and love others. They will also hear how to have a personal relationship with God. Matthew 22:37-39

Lesson 2: I Surrender to God Daily
Through Abraham's example, each child will learn to surrender to God's plan for their life and to trust God daily. Romans 12:1

Lesson 3: Victory Over the World
Through Daniel's example, each child will learn what it means to be changed in to a person who really loves God and wants to serve Him daily. Romans 12:2

Lesson 4: I Learn to Be Humble
Children will learn in a practical way what it means to be humble by looking at the life of  Moses. They will learn to put others first. Romans 12:3

Lesson 5: Noticing the Needs of Others
Through the story of Jonathan and David, each child will understand the importance of friendship and serving others. Romans 12:10

Lesson 6: Giving Out Good When Things Get Bad
By learning about the life of Joseph, kids will understand the importance of showing forgiveness to others that have hurt them. Romans 12:21