Extreme Sayings Elementary WINDOWS Download


Extreme Sayings Elementary WINDOWS Download


This download version is for use on WINDOWS operating systems and computers. The video files are enhanced .wmv files.

Let's go on an awesome adventure as we learn some extreme sayings that Jesus made in the Bible! Joining co-anchors Craig and Natalie and stunt men Jimmie McGuire and Dan Gerous on the set of EXTN the Extreme Teaching Network, we will dig deeper into each of these sayings and what they mean. We will learn about loving, forgiving, having faith, establishing priorities, setting an example, showing humility, being peaceful, and acting maturely. This series will help your children better understand these sayings and make personal applications of each one to their own life.

This curriculum comes with everything the “hardcopy” version has but in a download version.

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Lesson 1: Love Your Enemies
Through the story of Joseph loving his brothers despite their intent to hurt him, children will learn what it means to love others. Just as Joseph loved his brothers, we need to love everyone, even when it seems impossible.

Lesson 2: Forgive Everyone
Children will hear the story of the servant who wouldn't forgive a fellow servant of his debt, even after the king forgave all of his debts. They will see that we need to forgive others because Jesus has forgiven so much in us.

Lesson 3: Let's Move a Mountain
When God told Noah to build a boat and gather two of each kind of animal, Noah had faith that God was up to something amazing. They will learn that having faith gives us hope and a purpose to do anything.

Lesson 4: I Love Money
A rich man asked Jesus what he needed to do to have eternal life. Jesus told him to sell everything he owned, give the money to the poor, and follow Him. Children will hear the importance of making God the number one priority in their lives.

Lesson 5: Pass the Salt
Children will hear the story of how Elijah, through God's help, started a fire with water. Just as Elijah stood up for God, we too can set an example by doing the right thing and obeying God.

Lesson 6: I Came In Last!
By listening to the story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples, children will learn how to serve others. Through this act of service, Jesus showed them what is valuable to God. They can learn to show others the same respect and kindness.

Lesson 7: Do Your Part
King Saul was searching for David in order to hurt him. When he stopped to rest, David had the opportunity to hurt the king first, but instead he chose not to fight. Children will learn that they too can be peaceful rather than hurtful toward others.

Lesson 8: Just Be Perfect, That's All
When it was time for Abram and Lot to divide their land, Abram let Lot choose which part of the land he wanted. Through hearing this story, children will learn that they too can show maturity by thinking of God and others first, and then themselves.