Christmas: It's A Wrap Elementary WINDOWS Download


Christmas: It's A Wrap Elementary WINDOWS Download


This download version is for use on WINDOWS operating systems and computers. The video files are enhanced .wmv files.

Christmas: It's a Wrap is a non-traditional Christmas series that will teach children four key Christmas stories and four key actions in a relevant and entertaining way. By spelling out the acrostic WRAP through a music RAP each student will be able to recall all four lessons and action points in order to make their faith come alive this Christmas Season.

This curriculum includes everything the “hardcopy” version but in a downloadable file.

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Lesson 1: Jesus is Coming Each student will hear the story found in Luke 1:26-38 of the Angel Gabriel telling Mary that she is going to have a baby and to name Him Jesus. They will learn about her willingness to obey God and her great attitude. They will understand that God wants them to have a willing heart and attitude of obedience for whatever He has planned for them.

Lesson 2: Jesus is Born Students will hear the Christmas story found in Luke 2:1-7 about Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem to register for the census and the birth of Jesus. They will learn the importance of remembering why He came instead of just celebrating the "day" He came.

Lesson 3: Jesus has Visitors In Luke 2:2-21 and Matthew 2: 1-2 each student will hear the story about the visitors who came to see Jesus after He was born. They will learn how the shepherds acted on what they heard and how the wise men acted on what they saw. Students will learn that it is not enough to "know" what the Bible says. They must also act on God's truths.

Lesson 4: Jesus Grows Up Students will discover the story found in Luke 2:40-52 about 12 year old Jesus sitting in the temple discussing spiritual things with the adults and temple leaders. They will learn how Jesus grew in four ways; physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually and will learn practical ways they can grow the same way Jesus did.