Playback Summit

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Playback Summit


Welcome to Playback!

This resource is designed with you, the leader, in mind. You will find relevant teaching and practical application for both a healthy soul and a successful ministry. All items in this download are reproducible and customizable for use in your own church or ministry.

What Do I Get In The Playback Summit?

The following items are included with your download.

  • Playback Artwork
  • Playback Poster
  • 16 Additional Media Backgrounds
  • Digital Workbook in Microsoft Word
  • Digital Workbook in Pages For Mac
  • Digital Workbook in PDF
  • Keynote Presentation For Mac
  • PowerPoint Presentation for PC
  • 7 Audio Sessions of Craig’s Talks
  • 7 Teaching Videos For Mac Users
  • 7 Teaching Videos For PC Users

Reminder: This is a digital download. The pictures shown here for the Illumination Summit are representations of what you would receive digitally.

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Overview of Each Session

Session 1: REWIND

There is a difference between remembering the past and living in it. Are you stuck doing ministry the same way and not sure how to move forward? In this session, you will learn ways to make your ministry more relevant to the kids in this generation.


The Bible says, “Where there is no vision, people perish.” We say, “Where there is no vision, people find another Parrish!” Learn from Craig how creating vision, mission and values for your ministry will keep your ministry fresh and your team of staff and volunteers moving forward in the same direction.

Session 3: PAUSE

Do you ever get so busy “doing” that you forget about “being”? Let’s be honest—we all get wrapped up in the day-to-day deadlines. Pushing the “pause” button to allow yourself the freedom to be balanced is critical in today’s fast-paced ministry culture.

Session 4: PLAY

There are games worth playing and games that just aren’t worth the effort. In this session you will hear what games are worth playing in ministry and games you should avoid.

Session 5: PLAYBACK

Take a leadership journey back in time and learn from the mistakes leaders make and what to do about it.

Session 6: STOP/EJECT

What do you do when God radically changes your direction in life, ministry and the pursuit of what you thought was happiness? Learn an important leadership lesson when God stops and ejects you!

Session 7: RECORD

Defining moments in ministry are saved as a permanent record in our minds. We often recall these moments by saying, “Remember when…?” In this session, we will discover the importance of “Remember when’s” and what we need to record and maintain in our lives.