Illumination Leadership Summit

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Illumination Leadership Summit



This resource has been designed to help you brighten your own leadership as well as illuminate the leadership of those around you. In other words, we have provided content for you to learn and then teach to those around you. By providing you with reproducible and editable notes, PowerPoint presentations, Keynote presentations as well as audio and video you will be able to effectively teach those around you! Now that’s Illuminating, right?

What Do I Get In the Illumination Summit?

Through five teaching sessions you will learn how to get every week leaders to serve in your ministry and enhance the leadership of those around you. Illumination has been designed for you, the leader, to watch, listen, learn and then re-teach to those around you.

  • 5 DVD Teaching Sessions In Mac & Windows Format
  • Reproducible Workbook In Word, Pages and PDF Formats
  • Keynote Presentation for Mac Users
  • PowerPoint Presentation for PC Users
  • Artwork To Advertise Your Own Illumination Summit
  • 9 Audio Sessions Discovering Each Illuminating Apostle

Reminder: This is a digital download. The pictures shown here for the Illumination Summit are representations of what you would receive digitally.


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Overview of Each Teaching Video

Session 1: Remove the Lamp Shade, Please!

What did Jesus mean when He said, You are light for the world. A city cannot be hidden when it is located on a hill (Matthew 5:14 GW)? What personal connection did Jesus have with this statement? Oftentimes, the culture we grew up in greatly influences the direction of our future. In this session, you will learn what personal connection Jesus had to a literal city located on a hill and why it was so significant for Him and for us.

Session 2: Shining the Light on Every Week Leaders Part 1

How valuable would it be to have volunteer leaders serving every week in the same room, with the same age group, at the same hour, until Jesus comes back? In this session, you will hear the first three steps to making this vision a reality, as well as explore your staff and volunteer structure to make sure you have a healthy foundation.

Session 3: Shining the Light on Every Week Leaders Part 2

You will learn the final four steps to moving from part-time leaders to every week leaders. These last four steps are critical to making the move and gaining momentum.  But watch out: There are five ways this process could short circuit. You will hear how to rewire it to make it shine.

Session 4: Wiring Your Leadership for Success

According to a recent article, we have more volunteers serving this year in our country than last year. With volunteerism on the rise, why is the church continuing to struggle with getting more volunteers to help, lead and serve? Two words come to mind: leadership and structure. In this session, we will share four key leadership principles that will help you wire an electric team of leaders with the power to make a difference.

Session 5: Five Ways to Reset Your Ministry Breakers

We have all experienced it: All the lights are on in the house, and then in an instant, the lights go out, the microwave stops or worse, the hairdryer quits. What happened? The simple answer is, you probably had a circuit breaker shut off. Once you reset the breaker, electricity can flow to the outlets again, and all is back to normal. The same is true for ministry. Sometimes we trip a breaker and it needs to be reset. In this session, we will look at five breakers that need to be on in order for your ministry to receive the power it needs.