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BUILD Summit


BUILD Leadership Summit

This downloadable resource has been “BUILT” with you in mind! A tried and true resource that has been used “in the lab” of many churches to help all ministries BUILD a healthy and successful ministry in general and specifically a healthy and successful Children’s Ministry.

What Do I Get In the BUILD Summit?

Through five sessions you will learn what it takes to build healthy spiritual practices into your own life, build up your own leadership as well as the leadership of those around you and build out your ministry by using unconventional wisdom and taking calculated risks. Here is a glimpse of what you receive.

5 Leadership Outlines In Word, Pages and PDF Formats

  • BUILD Overview
  • BUILD God’s Tool For Our Time
  • BUILD In Our Lives
  • BUILD Up Our Leadership
  • BUILD Out Our Ministry

4 Audio Sessions

Reproducible Workbook and Lessons

Artwork To Advertise Your Own BUILD Summit

Reminder: This is a digital download. The pictures shown here for the BUILD Summit are representations of what you will receive digitally.

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Overview of BUILD


Balancing our Behavior

Understanding the importance connection and conversation

Understanding our Uniqueness

Discovering the eight different leadership types

Initiating the Impossible

Learn the six steps of the “impossible sequence”

Leading a Legacy

The 5 questions you need to ask if you want to lead a legacy

Developing the Determined

The 6 ways to know if someone is determined to serve